Red5 Pro’s Real Time Streaming Platform and Videon’s VersaStreamer 4K Encoder Enable a 200ms Real Time Latency End to End Workflow Solution

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JAMAICA PLAIN, Ma. and STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Red5 Pro and Videon today announce a WebRTC workflow using Red5 Pro Real Time Streaming platform in conjunction with Videon’s VersaStreamer 4K Encoder resulting in a 200ms end to end latency. The workflow addresses the rapidly growing need for high-quality streaming that benefits from real-time latency.

Users are in need of an easy to use, real-time latency workflow that mitigates the often confusing and cumbersome nature of livestreaming setups.Red5 Pro and Videon have worked together to ensure both ease of deployment and confidence in results so that the end-user can confidently set up the workflow and quickly deploy it for their unique use case.

The workflow includes optimized settings for both the Red5 Pro Real Time Streaming Platform and Videon VersaStreamer 4K to ensure the lowest possible latency implementations. What Red5 Pro and Videon have enabled will allow users to achieve real-time latency which enables a wide range of new applications including remote learning, gaming, auctions, remote production, enterprise applications, government applications, and literally any application that benefits from real-time latency. Not only is the combined workflow of Videon and Red5 Pro fast, but it is also inexpensive and can be applied to anywhere from small to massive concurrent viewer applications

The power of this workflow speaks for itself. On the playback side, Videon used the Red5 Pro Web Player. Upon testing the workflow, Videon consistently measured under 200ms of glass to glass latency. Videon even went as far as to test with varied network conditions and, in the worst case, saw <400ms of latency.

“Videon has enjoyed a great relationship with Chris Allen and the Red5 Pro team. We are pleased to announce this partnership and the availability of a real-time latency end-to-end workflow. Ensuring customers can experience this level of connection is especially important in these times when video streaming is becoming more and more the norm,” said Todd Erdley, CEO of Videon. “The combination of Videon’s VersaStreamer 4k encoder with Red5 Pro’s Real Time Streaming Platform brings a level of performance to the market at a cost and ease of use that has not yet been seen. The solution is sure to have a strong impact enabling a wide range of new applications.“

“We are excited about the possibilities the VersaStream 4K encoder introduces when combined with our platform. Many of our customers are in need of a fair priced and easy to configure encoder to plug into their equipment and start streaming to a Red5 Pro cluster. With this partnership our customers can maintain sub 500 ms latency and distribute that high quality stream to millions,” said Chris Allen, CEO and Co-Founder of Red5 Pro.