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For the 10th time, the Australian design community "The Rookies" awarded the Rookie Awards to budding artists and young creatives who are just starting out on their careers in VFX, animation, games, VR, motion graphics and 3D visualization.

This year, the organizers again praised the significantly increased quality of the 3769 submissions. These were judged by the jury on the basis of their creative and technical implementation, as well as the complexity and diversity of the skills used in production.

The Maxon Team is very pleased about the numerous high-quality entries from the young artists and design professionals of tomorrow. We love to promote young talents and we are proud to support the winners of the categories 3D Animation and 3D Motion Graphics as a sponsor of the competition with Cinema 4D licenses:

Winner 3D Motion Graphics: Andreas Catucci (Austria)

Andreas studies MultiMediaArt at the FH Salzburg and won first place in the category 3D Motion Graphics with his motion graphics projects created in Cinema 4D. His project NEXON_17 is the title sequence of a self-designed science-fiction series in which an AI threatens to take control of humanity. Andreas was inspired by the work of Cornelius Dämmrich, Ash Thorp and the video game CONTROL.

Andreas has been working with 3D graphics since the age of 14 and is especially interested in rendering, lighting and lookdev. In October he will start an internship where he wants to learn more about VFX.

2nd place 3D Motion Graphics: David Inlines (Spain)

David is just pursuing his VFX degree in games, motion graphics, film and advertising and also works as a VFX artist for the game developer Gameloft in Barcelona. His passion for real-time graphics is no longer just helping him develop games: "Real-time engines are evolving at a rapid pace and I'm fascinated by the possibilities they now offer for creating motion graphics and VFX," says David. His project "Be Unique" is a plea to preserve one's own personality in today's achievement-oriented society and to exploit one's own potential.

Winner 3D Animation: Jeremy Schaefer (USA)

Jeremy worked on his short film "The Box Assassin" for over a year at Ringling College of Art & Design. He counts the YouTube channels RocketJump (formerly freddiew) and Corridor Digital among his greatest inspirations, which motivated him to produce animated films himself.

2nd place 3D Animation: Constantion Vilsmeier (USA)

Constantin is a 3D artist specializing in modeling and texturing stylized characters and environments. His demo reel shows some of his work at the Gnomon School of VFX.

Among all participants of the competition, the organizers also raffled off an impressive software collection: 3D Artist Daniel Goh from Malaysia can enjoy the first prize worth more than 18,000 dollars!

We congratulate all participants and winners of this year's Rookie Awards and wish them all the best for their future in the 3D industry!