Atomos – ProRes RAW explained and editing in Assimilate Scratch

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Join Atomos & Assimilate Scratch on our video series where we explain ProRes RAW and how to edit the format in Scratch

Alongside our friends over at Assimilate Scratch we’re bringing you a series of videos where we go through and explain ProRes RAW and why it is such a great RAW format to work with. We also review RAW formats and how ProRes RAW differentiates from other formats. You can now watch the first two videos from the series below.


ProRes RAW and how to edit the format in Scratch: Part 1

Here’s our first video where Mazze from Assimilate takes you through what ProRes RAW actually is, what differentiates it from a conventional ProRes files and why it is a fantastic and incredibly flexible format to work with.

ProRes RAW and how to edit the format in Scratch: Part 2

Check out our second video from this series where Mazze takes a closer look at how this format works and what it has to offer. He will also be covering how ProRes RAW is recorded and the benefits of shooting in 12 bit log. Plus other tips and tricks for editing ProRes RAW in Assimilate Scratch.

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