Adrenaline Films Grows Live Broadcast Services with Blackmagic Design and Medialooks

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Fremont, CA - Blackmagic Design today announced that Orlando’s Adrenaline Films is using ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K switchers and DeckLink capture and playback devices with their new live and virtual production services. Adrenaline’s new Blackmagic Design infrastructure works in conjunction with Medialook's Video Transport low latency streaming software.

Founded in 1991, Adrenaline Films is a video production company that operates a 25,000 square feet facility in Orlando, Florida and provides video production and post production services to major entertainment, media and technology companies like Universal Orlando Resort, CNN, NBC, Fox News, Amazon and Siemens.

With the onset of Covid in early 2020, Adrenaline Films made the move away from primarily providing on premise multicamera studio work to offering a much wider range of live productions, virtual productions and corporate work. To make this happen, Adrenaline Films revised their Orlando facility, adding two new control rooms that could handle live and remote productions, updating editing suites and a production studio that could handle large multicam productions, but still do so safely and within any CDC guidelines.


This new infrastructure, which is connected over a 1 GB/S optical fiber network, was built around a large number of Blackmagic Design products. This includes ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K switcher, multiple HyperDeck Studio recorders, Teranex standards converters, Web Presenter streaming devices and DeckLink Quad 2 and DeckLink Mini Recorder PCIE capture and playback devices.

“Covid forced us to pivot to more live work and drove us to change our business model,” Tim Bartlett, VP & General Manager, Adrenaline Films. “The Blackmagic Design gear gave us the ability to be really creative with our redesign, and we were up and running with new services very fast. We were able to gut out what we had and replace it with two new control rooms, and in a few weeks were offering live and virtual events.”

Adrenaline Films uses Medialook’s Video Transport licenses, which allows remotely located NDI and SDI sources to be instantly available via the public Internet, along with their Blackmagic Design workflow. Through Medialook's Video Transport working seamlessly with the DeckLink’s and ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K, Adrenaline Films is able to offer high quality remote production that can bring in dozens of remote feeds and connect directly with the two control rooms for tasks such as switching, editing and graphics insertions.

Since finishing the new control rooms and installing the Blackmagic Design and Medialooks infrastructure, Adrenaline Films has completed dozens of large and global projects. This includes a large number of corporate, education and entertainment projects such as the recent Virtual Press conference with Tavistock Group and Lilium to announce their joint venture to introduce small flying electric jet taxi service between all major Florida cities.


Adrenaline’s control room has also been doing regular virtual events bringing together national politicians and educational leadership from around the country. In addition to live virtual events Adrenaline Films has also been helping their clients with COVID compliant location services such as Universal Studio’s recent Bourne Stuntacular.

For a recent corporate virtual conference, Adrenaline Films was tasked with production of four days of remote feeds from participants around the globe interacting with other in real time. Guests from different locations, who were sent portable production kits, contributed their camera feeds via a Video Transport guest link. These independent video feeds were output via SDI and routed into the ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K, as well as the HyperDeck Studio recorders to be ISO recorded for later editing.

Incoming feeds could be keyed over individual graphics and returned back to the speaker via the DeckLink Quad 2. The output of the ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K was also fed to a Blackmagic Web Presenter, which showed up as a webcam on Zoom.

“The Blackmagic and Medialooks integration lets us handle these virtual events just like switching a TV show, and brings in the same high quality you would expect from a professional broadcast. We could change what we were sending to the Zoom call because it was hooked to our ATEM. And then we could send the client a multi split, an individual feed or we could switch it like a TV show,” continued Bartlett.