BirdDog announcements – NDI® 5, Cloud Connect, and BirdDog PLAY.

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BirdDog Adopts NDI® 5 and Releases a Set of New Workflow Tools for Globally Connected Productions


• Support for NDI® 5 on all BirdDog hardware products.
• New set of Cloud Connect applications for Apple TV, Android TV, iOS and Android that enables globally connected productions.
• New BirdDog PLAY, the smallest and lowest cost NDI decoder on the planet for only $ 149 USD.

BirdDog ( today announces NDI® 5 support on all hardware products, including Flex family, 4K family, Studio NDI, Mini, all PTZ camera models, and upcoming motherboards. wall and the SDM range.

NDI® 5 support will be added to BirdDog products when it becomes available later in the second quarter.

In addition to NDI® 5 compatibility in existing products, BirdDog announces two new product lines, Cloud Connect and BirdDog PLAY.

BirdDog Cloud Connect
Cloud Connect is a suite of applications for Apple TV, Android TV, iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices and BirdDog PLAY. Cloud Connect enables super-fast, high-quality monitoring anywhere in the world with NDI source-to-screen latency as low as 2 frames. With Cloud Connect, remote editorial workflows and remote live productions became faster and easier than ever.

"Cloud Connect is the culmination of bringing together all the pieces of BirdDog development and something we have been working on for a long time," said Dan Miall, co-founder and CEO of BirdDog. "With Cloud Connect, we are fulfilling the dream of truly collaborative remote editorial workflows and seamless remote productions."

Cloud Connect allows editors to generate their Avid, Adobe, or Apple Final Cut Pro timeline and view it anywhere in the world with as little as 2 frames of latency. Directors can give feedback in real time and producers can sit in the comfort of their home watching on a big screen.

“With Cloud Connect, remote and live-streaming editorial workflows are smoother than ever - anyone who needs to be part of a production can now collaborate on devices they already own, in geographically distant locations,” continues Dan Miall, “ Building on It With the proven reach of BirdDog Cloud, Cloud Connect embraces a new key technology to enable Dante audio integration and optimize media delivery with high-quality video codecs. "

Cloud Connect addresses remote productions faster and more interactive than ever. All Cloud Connect mobile device applications include PTZ Control from any NDI®-enabled PTZ, not just BirdDog NDI® PTZ cameras. This includes NDI® and NDI® HX cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Marshall, NewTek, PTZ Optics, Canon, and many more.

"Being able to control a PTZ camera from the other side of the world with your iPad is pretty amazing," said Eamon Drew, co-founder and chief marketing officer of BirdDog. "With near-zero latency, it's a tactile experience I've never experienced before and it truly fulfills the dream of being able to control a program from anywhere in the world."

BirdDog PLAY
BirdDog PLAY is a revolutionary and low-cost NDI® player that can display any local NDI® source on the network, as well as connect to BirdDog Cloud Connect to bring remote sources to PLAY from anywhere in the world.

“PLAY really breaks down the technological barriers to browsing and viewing NDI sources. The setup is very simple and at $ 149 it will certainly allow for incredible workflows and installations, ”said Dan Miall, co-founder and CEO of BirdDog. "Being able to connect to the Cloud Connect platform and bring NDI sources from remote locations makes it more flexible than any NDI set-top box or player on the market today."

PLAY supports many video formats, both local and remote, fully implementing NDI® 5, including high bandwidth and NDI | HX2, BirdDog Cloud Connect and NDI® Remote formats with resolution support in some formats up to UHD 2160p60. Designed for easy installation, PLAY includes a rubber magnetic base for securely mounting to the back of a display or on your desk. Integration of technology like CEC means that users can use their existing remote for their display to navigate the rich user interface with ease.

BirdDog PLAY and BirdDog Cloud Connect will be publicly available in Q3 2021 with a limited beta program available for Cloud Connect through registration on the BirdDog website