Teradek – Introducing Bolt 4K LT MAX

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Bolt 4K LT MAX
Tougher. Lighter. More range.

Video Village is a dot on the horizon. The walkie barks for a quick reset. The sun is setting. It’s critical moments like these when you need the clearest, lightest, most robust wireless system to make sure they see what you see with zero delay. Bolt 4K LT MAX delivers the quality, reliability, and peace of mind film professionals expect from Bolt’s 4K family, with:


10-bit true-HDR wireless imaging


DCI-4K capability


Ruggedized 7-ounce form factor


5,000+ feet of range

The Lightweight Heavyweight

Small stature, large impact — that was the design goal behind the Bolt 4K LT MAX. Boasting a free-form mountability, reduced weight, smaller footprint, and ruggedized construction, the newest member of the Bolt 4K family is an expression of durable, compact ergonomics

The Bigger Picture

The new Bolt 4K LT MAX supports true HDR monitoring workflows with 10-bit 4:2:2 transmission, delivering a clearer, sharper picture with enriched color detail. It also provides up to 1080p60 with SDI and up to 4Kp30 resolution with HDMI. But it’s not just the picture quality that stands out, it’s the unmatched 5,000+ feet it travels and the ability to seamlessly and securely connect with other Bolt 4K products, allowing you to share prime quality at telephoto range.