New York Film Academy Relies on DaVinci Resolve’s Fairlight for Audio Post Courses

In Newsby detlev

Fremont, CA – Blackmagic Design today announced that DaVinci Resolve’s Fairlight audio post production tools are being used by New York Film Academy’s Los Angeles campus as part of the sound department’s curriculum. The software helped Head of the Sound Department, Huch Platt, and his students pivot to remote learning in 2020 when they needed to quickly find a way to access professional post production tools at home.

“The challenge came when COVID-19 hit and everything went remote,” explained Platt. “I needed to find a software solution that was not only free, but easy for the students to install and work with, since they are using a variety of computers, basically whatever they have at home, and I can’t spend the classes troubleshooting.”

Platt noted that DaVinci Resolve is accessible and intuitive. “The students just download it, and it works, which is a huge blessing for me because I can focus on teaching. Not worrying about the technical aspects allows the students to focus on being creative too,” he said.


“Furthermore, I needed something that also works with video; there’s a lot of free audio software out there but not many that work with video,” Platt added. “Most of my students are video centric and intimidated by the audio side. They know they need it but think it’s unattainable for them. I love simplifying it and showing them it’s doable. Most of the students were already familiar with DaVinci Resolve, so it checked all the boxes.”

According to Platt, once he decided on DaVinci Resolve, the transition was seamless. “I personally tested DaVinci Resolve to ensure that the students could adopt it and that I could teach the same concepts,” he said. “The biggest challenge was slowly building the curriculum, which took almost a full semester, but my learning curve with DaVinci Resolve was only a week.”

Platt added that he also took advantage of Blackmagic Design’s training program. “I actually became a certified DaVinci Resolve trainer. All the trainers in the program are exceptional, and the content is easy to understand, especially from a layman’s perspective,” he noted. “I appreciate companies that understand how important training is and put the energy and resources into building it out.”


As a year round school, New York Film Academy has three semesters a year, and Platt has incorporated DaVinci Resolve in each semester since Summer 2020.

“The students do everything from dialogue editing to cutting and effects, as well as final mix and exporting,” he concluded. “One of the many things I love about DaVinci Resolve is it’s intuitive across the board, as intuitiveness is key to adoption. DaVinci Resolve has come a long way and is now very prevalent across post production because of its professional tools and the way you can seamlessly move between editing, color, sound and VFX. The students are jumping to use it.”