FlorMartz USA joins forces with Vaxis and Science Image to bring you the best in encoders

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FlorMartz is pleased to announce that it is joining forces with Vaxis and Science Image to bring you the best in encoders and decoders to take your projects to the next level and make your projects a success.

Vaxis is a global wireless video transmission equipment provider, and has dealers across the globe from 29 countries.

With world-leading R&D and manufacturing technology, Vaxis products have received high recognitions from buyers and widely used in international films, commercials, documentaries, and other big occasions e.g. the Korean Summit, Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival parties, etc.

At the beginning of 2020, Vaxis pressed its first highly anticipated consumer-grade wireless video transmitter - Atom 500 HDMI, mainly featured with an affordable price, durable design, and reliable signal transmission.

Vaxis is always listening to its users and thriving to perfect its products, to provide a smart wireless solution for the industry.

Science Image
SCIENCE IMAGE® technology was established in Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Innovation Center in 2011. The founding team is composed of several researchers from the Thomson, it has been committed to deep cultivation in the field of broadcasting and professional video and expansion, they are also a group of doers with dreams.

In 2018, they began to develop NDI-based product lines. In September 2019, they showed the first FULL NDI®-based Encoder/Decoder box NDI® HD mini at the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam, and in June 2020 ScienceImage® launched the NDI Studio 4K series based on 12G-SDI/HDMI2.0 FULL NDI® Encoder/Decoder boxes...

ScienceImage® Technology adheres to innovation, down-to-earth, and is committed to promoting the promotion and transformation of new technologies in the professional audio and video field, researching and developing world-class hardware and software, and making unremitting efforts to provide high -quality products and services to users around the world