Broadcast Pix – Reasons to Go Hybrid with the MX Hybrid Switcher

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Tyngsboro, Mass. – We understand the challenge of looking to adapt to an IP workflow in today’s evolving production environments. Here are 4 great reasons to consider buying a MX Hybrid video and production solution from Broadcast Pix.

1.) Future-Proof Scalability
A hybrid I/O switcher offers the ability to mix and match SDI and IP sources today while being ready for the future. Use your existing cameras while including more computer-generated content, IP cameras and other NDI and IP sources. Adapting an IP network opens-up an infinite choice of source options connected to either a local network or the public internet. For those looking to embrace the IP revolution at an affordable price, the MX Hybrid is the perfect solution.

2.) Improved Production Values
Input flexibility is also revolutionizing how media producers can create live video. More inputs enable more options for production teams to be creative.

The MX Hybrid can process up to 8 Network inputs, 3 SDI (HD/4K) inputs and 1 HDMI/SDI/Analog input in parallel along with 6 internal sources. That means it’s easy to produce compositions of up to 18 sources, such as clips, stills or graphics, for more professional broadcast programming. Deliver more engaging and dynamic live coverage of your meetings, worship services and more.

3.) Control Flexibility
Easy-to-operate, the MX Hybrid can be controlled from any Broadcast Pix network-ready control device. Use a traditional panel, touchscreen or web browser – either locally or remotely with a standard Internet connection. When additional operators are needed, easily add team members on another device. Then stay connected with remote intercom and chat!

4.) Cost Savings
From cameras and internal sources to remote cameras, content and even remote guests, the MX Hybrid will deliver remarkable cost-savings from one fully integrated solution.

Learn more about the MX Hybrid here.