Cinema 4D – New Cheap Tricks! Bringing Inanimate Objects to Life

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This episode focuses on bringing inanimate objects to life, and leaning on the tools to help you work fast.

Learn Hashi’s step-by-step technique for animating statues, replacing background elements and improvising your way through a visual effects shot captured on the fly. And find out what happens when he asks for some help from some friends along the way (most of them real).

Come learn with Hashi, and then go create something extraordinary!

Tools Used: Cinema 4D, After Effects

  • Simple Rope/Cloth dynamics
  • Joints
  • Asset Library
  • Content Aware Fill

Inspired by a question at the Maxon all-company meeting, this Cheap Tricks episode is for people who look at the world through their imagination.

Not-so-subtly woven in is the message that sometimes you need to ask for help. In this particular arena of Cinema 4D and visual effects, we happen to have a whole team at Maxon dedicated to doing just that. More than moving statues, this episode is wrapped around the idea of people knowing how accessible the Training Team is, and what a cool resource it can be.

Don't forget, more Cheap Tricks are available with Hashi and Seth every Friday on VFX & Chill.