Blackmagic Design Introduces New SmartView 4K G3

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Fremont, CA, USA - Blackmagic Design today announced SmartView 4K G3, the first Ultra HD broadcast monitor with both 12G-SDI and SMPTE-2110 IP video inputs. This new model allows customers to connect directly to IP based broadcast systems as well as a range of 12G-SDI professional video equipment up to 2160p60, making it perfect for broadcast and live production. It also includes 3D LUTs and monitoring controls such as focus peaking, framing guides, safe area and more! SmartView 4K G3 will be available in May from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide for US$1,265.

The SmartView 4K G3 will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design NAB 2024 booth #SL5005.

SmartView 4K G3 features built in optical and copper SMPTE-2110 IP video connections so customers can connect directly to IP based broadcast systems. Customers also get two 12G-SDI inputs for connecting to a wide range of professional video equipment. Plus both the 12G-SDI and 2110 video inputs can output to a 12G-SDI loop output connection.

SmartView 4K features an incredibly strong machined aluminum metal design with crisp clean lines. Plus SmartView 4K is only a few inches deep. Because monitors are often installed at the top of equipment racks, this thin design allows a large area behind the monitor to better ventilate the whole rack and keep all the equipment cool. Along the bottom of the SmartView 4K is a range of button controls that are tilted slightly so they're easier to press. On the rear of the monitor are all the video connections, plus there's even a VESA mounting point.


The LCD used on SmartView 4K features an extremely high resolution so it will display every pixel in an Ultra HD image. That means customers get an incredibly clean image with deep color fidelity. SmartView 4K is designed for broadcast so it will instantly lock to a new video source, which is very common when the monitor is connected to a router and the input can change constantly to different timed sources. Unlike TVs, the video is not over scanned so customers get all image pixels right to the edge of the LCD.

The SmartView 4K front panel includes a wide range of monitoring controls! The input button selects between the two 12G-SDI video inputs and the 2110 IP video input. The display button allows customers to adjust display brightness. The H/V display is a traditional broadcast monitor function that lets customers look into the image blanking. Blue only is great for checking hue from SD archive content. The zoom button lets customers zoom the image in for adjusting camera focus.

When customers are working with cameras, SmartView 4K has everything they need to assist in framing and focus with its on screen graphic overlays. Overlays include safe area and safe title markers. Plus there are 4 separate frame guides, 2 vertical and 2 horizontal, which can be displayed simultaneously and are perfect for social media and feature film framing. Customers also get on screen focus peaking, which can be turned on and off with a dedicated front panel button.

Broadcasters and feature film productions often work with SDI sources that are encoded with log film gamma or an HDR profile. This means the images can look washed out or have incorrect colors. SmartView 4K solves this problem because it includes support for 3D LUTs. This means customers can use a 3D LUT to re-map the SDI or 2110 input colorspace to the SmartView 4K screen.


Now customers can build modern IP video systems because SmartView 4K fully conforms to the SMPTE-2110 standard for IP video with both optical fiber and copper 10G Ethernet connections. This includes support for SMPTE-2110-20 uncompressed video, the Blackmagic IP codec for high frame rate Ultra HD as well as SMPTE-2110-21 traffic shaping/timing, SMPTE-2110-30 audio and SMPTE-2110-40 support for ancillary data.

SmartView 4K supports the NMOS interface specifications so all their 2110 IP video devices can operate together as a large virtual router. Plus Videohub Smart Control can route sources to destinations on 2110 IP networks because it can act as an NMOS controller.

“Our SmartView monitor has been popular with broadcasters but we thought it would be good to have a monitor that has both 12G-SDI and SMPTE-2110 IP video inputs," said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “So we’ve added low cost 10G Ethernet so customers will be able to connect directly to IP based broadcast systems or 12G-SDI broadcast equipment!”

SmartView 4K G3 Features

  • Rack mount monitor with SMPTE-2110 IP and 12G-SDI video connections.
  • Slim design for better rack ventilation.
  • High resolution, Ultra HD display.
  • Monitoring controls including brightness, H/V and zoom.
  • Includes frame guides and focus peaking.
  • Includes 3D LUT for monitoring.
  • Supports all video standards up to 2160p60.
  • Conforms to SMPTE-2110 standard for IP video.
  • Includes NMOS protocol for virtual routing.
  • Includes free SDK for integration into broadcast automation systems.

Availability and Price

SmartView 4K G3 will be available in May for US$1,265, excluding duties, from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.