All-in-one virtual studio and 3D graphics software

Our virtual studio software enables you to create high-end, real-time 3D virtual studio environments on a budget.

Aximmetry’s node-based editor can be molded to your specific project to grant greater flexibility in bringing it to life; be it broadcast production, virtual event, pre-visualisation, LED wall based virtual production or any other 3D graphics task you can imagine. Aximmetry also has its own advanced chroma keying technology which is included in all of our software licenses.

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    Content creation and render engines

    The core of Aximmetry software is our own 3D render engine that can be programmed through a highly flexible node-based user-interface. On top of this core, we have built specialized applications targeting the fields of broadcasting, stage performances and presentations. In addition to this, we launched the Aximmetry DE (dual engine) product line, our new applications featuring Unreal Engine as well. The choice is yours which render engine you pick for your needs. All our software exploits the abilities of today's graphics hardware: for example, a virtual studio interior can be rendered in a previously unseen complexity and visual quality. When used on a stage, the projected visuals can be real-time generated 2D or 3D imagery, therefore they can be interactively shaped by the performer. Customized intuitive control interfaces can be created for the needs of presentations and video installations.

    High-end tools to create

    2D/3D ART for the broadcast, entertainment industries, corporate video creators, cinematographers, esport broadcasters, streamers and vloggers


    Built-in state of the art chroma keyer

    Aximmetry achieves seamless integration of real and virtual enviroments with the interaction of virtual lights and real world objects.

    The advanced keyer enables the keying of realistic contact shadows and the software can cast virtual shadows on the talent and can combine these seamlessly with the life-like shadows generated by the talent itself. Aximmetry's built-in, advanced keyer rovides superior results for keyeing transparent objects, contact shadows, and fine details such as hair.

    It can perform bradcast-quality real-time keying with GPU acceleration at a fraction usage of GPU. Finally, Aximetry's light wrap effect blurs the boundaries between the physical and virtuañ space.

    Advanced XR Technology

    Our Aximmetry Broadcast editions offer cutting-edge mixed reality solutions. Using extended reality and in-camera vFX can free you from the burden of post-produciton costs and speed up your shoots. Using our advanced XR features with LED walls enables you to be at the forefront of innovation happening in the film industry today.

    Virtual Studios

    All aspects of advanced broadcast presentation are covered. Our software empowers you to create stunning graphic content plus it has all the virtual studio functionalities you need for the construction of interactive scenes and effects with virtual lights, virtual camera movements, and Augmented Reality.

    • Advanced 3D graphics: HDR, Depth of Field, shadows, reflections, refraction
    • Real-time 2D/3D rendering, post-processing, effects, chroma keying
    • High level of interactivity and real-time controllability
    • Highly flexible node-based graphics programming interface.
    • Aximmetry’s feature set developed specifically for broadcast: advanced keyer, channel branding tools, crawl, mixing and many more.
    • Opening and running your UE5 scene in Aximmetry DE should work right away. During production, Aximmetry can send all information, be it text, images or events to your Unreal scene
    • Construction of interactive scenes / effects using a node-based logic
    • Open system to integrate any studio camera tracking device
    • All-in-one solution: No need to buy separate modules and extensions for chroma keyer, 2D graphics, 3D virtual studio, video wall display, projection - the software includes all of them
    • Scalable: multiple video cards or hardware can be operated under one system, each assigned a different task
    • 4K - SDI input / output
    • Supports audience interaction via second screen devices
    • Receiving depth information for realistic mixing of real and virtual elements

    Stage Performances & Interactive Installations

    • Multiple simultaneous video outputs to monitors, projectors, LED walls etc.
    • Mapping: projection onto complex surfaces
    • Creating panoramic views using multiple projectors
    • Customizable on-stage control interfaces, touch screen control surfaces
    • Performer: a separate intuitive control interface for VJ performances
    • Controlling any event or effect parameter via touch screen, GPIO, OSC, MIDI, DMX/ArtNet
    • Controlling attached devices from Aximmetry via GPIO, OSC, MIDI, DMX/ArtNet
    • Automatic running modes for exhibitions / video installations

    Graphics Toolkit

    Included in all Aximmetry software

    • Material prototyping; full PBR pipeline
    • 3D scene prototyping: built-in primitives, FBX and Collada import
    • Complex multi-material creation helper
    • Chroma keying
    • Video playback
    • Video conversion: format, resolution, color space etc.; from/to image sequences
    • Compositing videos and adding effects to them
    • Image/texture manipulation: format conversion, resize, tiling, color adjustment, color space conversion, layering
    • Simple texture generation: 2D drawing elements, texts, 2D effects, noise
    • Cube map handling: loading and saving to cross, strip or 6 face DDS formats; generating from 3D scene
    • Irradiance and specular environment map generation for PBR
    • Controlling GPIO, OSC, MIDI, DMX/ArtNet devices


      Aximmetry is an all-in-one virtual studio and 3D graphics software for the broadcast and entertainment industries, deploying the performance of the newest generation video cards using single-PC technology.

      Aximmetry’s ambition is to make high-end, broadcast quality virtual studio software technology accessible to all, small TV stations, Youtube Creators and Vloggers included. Using the software, professional content with advanced real-time 3D graphics can be produced even from a living room.