TriCaster® 1 Pro

  • 16 x simultaneous external video inputs, supporting any combination of compatible sources in resolutions up to 4K UHD at frame rates up to 60fps (2160p 59.94)
  • 16 x IP video inputs via NDI®, resolution-independent, with support for key and fill
  • Native support for up to 2 simultaneous Skype® video call inputs via Skype TX software integration, including tally and Talk Back communication

TriCaster® TC1

  • Switching, streaming, recording in HD, 3G and 4K UHD 60p.
  • Native software-based processing for maximum production power and flexibility.
  • Full camera coverage and attractive multi-source video mixing, including 16 external inputs and 4M / In Studio-quality Skype® video calls with multi-channel Skype TX software integration.

TriCaster® TC410 Plus

  • Medium size production power including 4M / E mixing, up to 8 external inputs and 4 mixing outputs.
  • NDI® integration for transmission of video, audio and data over IP.
  • Publication of social networks in real time.
  • Streaming to Facebook Live, Twitch and more.
  • Multichannel recording and internal storage.
  • Video playback without any additional hardware.

TriCaster® 2 Elite

  • 32 x simultaneous external video inputs, supporting any combination of compatible sources in resolutions up to UHD at frame rates up to 60fps (2160p 59.94)
  • 32 x IP inputs via NDI®, resolution-independent, with support for key and fill
  • 8 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI connections supporting video input in any combination of standard formats, resolutions, and frame rates
  • Support for up to 32 simultaneous Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) robotic cameras via serial and network protocols, including RS232, RS422 and IP, with integrated controls and preset system
  • Support for multiple simultaneous video call inputs with Microsoft Skype™, Microsoft Teams™, Zoom Meetings™, GoToMeeting™, Discord™, and Tencent™ software integration using the Live Call Connect feature,

        TriCaster® Mini

        • Take it anywhere, it is small and light. Set up and start in 5 minutes.
        • Plug-n-Play NDI®, without external networks. Add your NDI® device and your life.
        • 2 PoE input modules directly connect HDMI devices instantly as NDI® sources.
        • 4 NDI® connections with PoE make video, audio, billing, power and control as easy as plugging in an ethernet cable.
        • 8 live video inputs, supporting any combination in resolutions up to 4K UHD.
        • Broadcast to all your favorite social channels at the push of a button.

        NewTek 2-Stripe Control Panel

        • Intuitive layout mapped to the Video Mix Engine user interface
        • IP-based connectivity, with support for multi-engine control over the network
        • Responsive, multi-bus operation with independently assignable control stripes
        • Practical lighting, variable T-Bar illumination, and dynamic LCD label displays
        • Precision controls for expert handling of real-time video operations
        • Premium craftsmanship for optimal performance, ergonomics, and style

          TriCaster® TC1SP

          • Intuitive design assigned to the TriCaster TC1 user interface.
          • Convenient backlight and illumination to increase visibility of control panel activity.
          • Dynamically variable T-bar illumination for visual feedback of effect status and progress.
          • Premium controls for precise handling of real-time video operations.
          • Expertly designed for performance, ergonomics and style.

          Newtek Spark

          • Up to 4K
          • Camera mount with threaded screw
          • IP out via NDI
          • HDMI video input with built-in audio

          3Play® by Newtek


          Captivate more viewers in your
          events, and beyond.

          Get a competitive advantage with 3Play.

          Stadiums that seek to improve the experience of events and extend their brand on the Internet or television channels that want to attract the public in their homes and increase the visibility of their programs; Everyone can use NewTek's 3Play to make small events look like big network TV shows and big events become unforgettable experiences for their viewers.


          3Play 3P1

          Sports productions and end-to-end video replays over IP.

          • NDI® and 3G-SDI inputs / outputs
          • Video resolutions up to 1080p60
          • Telestrator in real time
          • Includes control surface


          3Play 3P2

          The Best Plays, Played Better.

          • Ultra-high definition 2160p60 & end-to-end IP connectivity
          • Shareable Playlists for better collaboration
          • 10 channel replay system
          • Playback zoom & tracking for area of interest replays