Hive lighting Omni-Color LEDs are unique light sources designed in California for creating the highest quality moving and still images. We use 7 different colors of LED densely packed into round arrays and combine the LED spectrum to create the highest quality white light and every imaginable combination of colors. With a small modular form factor our lights accept hundreds of modifiers and have built in wireless controls. Hive lights weigh less and do more without ever sacrificing the quality of light.



Super Hornet 575-C

Power is Freedom. The Super Hornet 575-C is 30,000+ Lumens of raw directional light. Billions of fully saturated colors. Thousands of compatible modifiers for shaping, cutting, and diffusing output. Controllable from anywhere. No flicker at any frame rate.

Hornet 200-C

Incredible output. Infinite control.
Using only 150 Watts, the Hornet 200-C is equivalent to a 650 – 1000W incandescent and 2.5X brighter than the original Wasp 100-C. Profoto® compatibility, modular design, variable control solutions, and premium aerospace-grade aluminum build-quality make this light ready for any set.


Wasp 100-C

Just the right amount of everything.
Only using 75 watts to produce Light output comparable to a 400-750 watt incandescent, The 100-C can run off a battery or universal wall power, and is compatible with hundreds of accessories. The 2nd generation is now smaller, has additional mounting points, and can be controlled via Wireless DMX

Bee 50-C

Everything you love about the C-Series in the palm of your hand.
5” long and weighing just 1.5 lbs, the BEE 50-C™ has multiple mounting points allowing for easy rigging to cameras, drones, practicals, stages, and sets. Equivalent to a 200-500W incandescent, match any source in the world using local dials, DMX ports, and both Wireless DMX and Bluetooth Antennas.


Hornet 200-CX

Unleash 1200 FC of Omni-Color output
Over an F22 (800 ISO) at 5ft/1.5M away with a Super Spot reflector, the Hornet 200-CX only weighs 2.2lbs and draws 150W. Profoto® compatibility, modular design, enhanced Bluetooth range and premium aerospace-grade aluminum build-quality make this light ready for any set.

Wasp 100-CX

Control increíble por un precio increíble.
Utilizando solo 75 vatios para crear 320FC a 5 pies / 1,5 M (F14 a 800ISO), Wasp 100-CX utiliza la matriz Omni-Color patentada de Hive. El 100-CX es compatible con todos los modificadores Hive C-Series y Profoto® y cuenta con una nueva gama de Bluetooth mejorada en el mismo cuerpo de aluminio de calidad aeroespacial de primera calidad que todos los productos C-Series.


Bumble Bee 25-CX

Omni-Color is smaller than ever.
2.5” long and weighing just 1 lb, the Bumble Bee 25-CX™ has multiple mounting points allow for easy rigging to cameras, drones, practicals, stages, and sets. The 25-CX is compatible with all Hive Omni-Color and Profoto® modifiers and features a new enhanced Bluetooth range.

Plasma 1000

The brightest light you can plug into any wall socket. 
It is safe to use on a standard U.S. 15 amp circuit, requiring only 9.5amps.  Two Wasp 1000s can be plugged into a 120V 20 amp circuit.  The Wasp 1000 has a full spectrum 98 CRI with daylight color temperature of 6500K.
Like all Hive Plasma products, the Plasma 1000 is completely flicker-free at any frame rate, shutter angle or combination, making it the perfect light for all slow-motion “high speed” production.