Tricaster Operative Training

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Basic Tricaster training 10 hours (5 hours of theory and 5 hours of assisted practice)

  1. Introduction
    Potential operation, background, dimensions, NDI, Complements, Integration, system.
  2. Physical configuration
  3. Registration and administrator mode
  4. Opening of Sessions
  5. Working with DSK media players
  6. Livematte and Virtual inputs configuration
  7. Working with network inputs (NDI inputs)
  8. Audio settings
  9. Working with Streaming
  10. Working with Images and logos
  11. Live operation.

Note: The client must have an account to effectively send a streaming, (Free: youtube, twitter, etc). Internet, and preferably a Cat 6 data network, to explain file sharing. Depending on the workflow, a course can be developed for the client. (it is necessary to do an operational analysis to suggest the training).