Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini Helps Cosmic Perspective Document Space Exploration

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Fremont, CA, USA - Blackmagic Design today announced that YouTube channel Cosmic Perspective ( uses Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini network storage solution, Blackmagic Cloud and DaVinci Resolve Studio for collaborative post production. The channel documents the beauty and excitement of our new era in space exploration and often teams up with fellow YouTube channel Everyday Astronaut to capture and archive astronautic history.

With a passion for spaceflight cinematography and high speed video, Cosmic Perspective Cofounder Ryan Chylinski noted, “Blackmagic Design cameras and Resolve have been hugely helpful for our productions around SpaceX’s Starship flights, as well as for archival and documentary work. Everyday Astronaut’s URSA Mini Pro 12K has been an incredible tool for capturing events in high resolution for the spaceflight archive and for tracking rockets in flight. We’ve also filmed with the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K for some behind the scenes work as well as the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro.”


In conjunction with Everyday Astronaut, which deploys a multitude of Blackmagic Design products across its studio near SpaceX’s Starbase in Texas and in “LUNA” its OB van, including ATEM Constellation 8K live production switcher, Cosmic Perspective works to bring live launches and events to millions of viewers on YouTube.

“We’ve worked to build the livestream data infrastructure, connecting the local studio to our remote, uncrewed camera locations around the launchpad and crewed locations in surrounding communities. We also place all the remote camera installations and microphones that you see and hear live on launch days,” Chylinski explained.


Once in post, Chylinski, along with Cosmic Perspective Cofounder and Creative Director MaryLiz Chylinski and the Everyday Astronaut team, uses Blackmagic Cloud for file syncing. “We’re able to set folders to sync to a remote Dropbox, so we can all make sure we work with the latest versions of a series of images and short edits,” he said.

“For us, the Cloud Store Mini has been tremendously helpful for data management and quick editing after an important event,” he added. “For example, after a launch, we have a huge amount of data coming back from the field. The Cloud Store Mini allows us to collect everything in one place as quickly as we can, and I know it’s immediately safe and backed up. The flash memory and 10G connection to our home network allow us to begin reviewing and editing from multiple computers immediately.”

When it comes to DaVinci Resolve Studio, Chylinski primarily uses it for editing and grading, also using the Fusion page for minor corrections from time to time, along with a DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel, and he highlighted the program’s expansive toolset.


“There are a lot of different reasons that I use Resolve, but I think what sets it apart is the tools. I have a dedicated color grading workspace where I get a lot more precise control of the images,” he explained. “I also love the AI tools like magic mask, depth map, relight, object removal, and voice isolation. Thinking more about it, these tools have really sped up my workflow and brought down to Earth what I thought used to be extremely time consuming to get these results.”

Chylinski identified the workflow’s speed and allocating a single source for shared files as the main benefits.

“Overall, the workflow has certainly removed a lot of personal stress around data management and collaboration,” he concluded. “A few years ago, we moved from Cape Canaveral to Texas near Starbase to cover the development of the Starship program full time. As a creator, it really is a dream to get a front row seat to space history, and Blackmagic Design makes it easy to capture every moment.”