Price match guaranteed

We guarantee the best price and if not, we will improve any quote from the formal industry that you present to us. If you find it.

Personalized attention

We advise you on the selection of your products according to your needs and we offer technical support.


For us, the after sales service is much more important than the sale itself.


Our Team has been trained to provide you with the best sources and courses to reduce the learning curve and quickly obtain your return on investment.


We service all our brands in our In-House master repair room as well as directly with the manufacturers.


We have solutions to meet your necessities from the smallest cable to the training of your staff.


We can provide you with the latest  software updates, operating manuals, technical sheets, demos and many more useful information.


We ship Worldwide and guarantee the delivery of your package without delay through Fedex and UPS.

  Industry news

We constantly update our Blogs to keep you up to date with the latest trends on Video technology for pre-production, production and post-production as well as livestreaming and Broadcasting.