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ATEM Production Switchers

Logical Order of the Physical / Software Interface

  • What does M / E mean?
  • M / E possibilities Unlocking creative power
  • Tying buses for effects
  • Tying Keys for Effects (M / E only)
  • Using the Panel BUS to add buses to the mix / effect
  • Connecting the Multiview.
  • Connecting the Panel
  • Speaking of networking and device software, software updates

ATEM Software Unlocking Power.

  • The software Installs 2 components
  • ATEM Setup how to use it and importance of using it WELL
  • Main Interface, ATEM Control Logic Order
  • Volatile Memory ATEM Image, Animation File types, sequences,
  • Integration of Peripheral equipment – Hyperdeck Playback / Recording launched from the software / panel.
  • Possible integration with third party software.
  • Setting the video standard for work
  • Setting audio preferences
  • Attaching Labels for Video Inputs
  • Customizing the Multiview
  • Selecting the software control panel
  • Connecting video inputs from cameras, computers and more
  • Connecting the audio.
  • Everything about local network IPs, Work Segment and more.
  • ATEM Software Updates

Program / preview exit operation

  • Auxiliary outputs
  • Clean Output
  • Protection output to social networks
  • HD Program Exit
  • Outputs ME 1 and 2
  • TIE DSK1 – DSK2

Audio Mixer

Camera Control

Media Pool

Switcher settings