vMix Switcher de Producción en Vivo

Live Production vMix Switcher

vMix Switcher de Producción en Vivo

vMix Live Production & Streaming Software


Create professional productions in HD, SD even 4K!


And many more ...


vMix Software Comparison Table


vMix Systems EDGE D100

Edge D100 high-performance portable workstation

  • Small form-factor, all-in-one chassis with low profile handle
  • Lightweight, and durable aluminum alloy chassis with soft touch finish
  • Integrated Full HD (1920x1080) 17.3-inch, 16.7M color display with hardened, scratch-resistant view-through glass overlay
  • Active chassis cooling with slient liquid cooling for processor and 92x25mm low-noise chassis fan
  • SFX power supply and support for ATX or SSI CEB based motherboards
  • Removable rear cover for ease of service
  • 67” (169.41mm) D x 16.62” (422.15mm) W x 13.44” (341.38mm) H

$9,785.00 USD
VMix HD option + $350.00 USD
VMix 4k option + $ 700.00 USD
VMix Pro option + $ 1200.00 USD

vMix Switcher de Producción en Vivo

Available to ship 2 weeks after receipt of order with possibility to expedite

Made in the USA

Switchblade - Turnkey vMix Solutions for Live Streaming


Switchblade M9 / M9 Pro

Switchblade M9 / M9 Pro
Unlimited Power | Compact Form

Switchblade LPU3 with Control Surface

Switchblade 3USwitchblade 3U
3U Rackmount systems with great performance

Amazing Features

Amazing features for any production.

Award-winning real-time switcher software for mixing: cameras, video, replays, remote interviews, and encoding.

Via API, RTMP, or UVC as well as YouTube, Twitch, or even any trio of platforms in different resolutions.

With NewBlueFX Titler Live, you get live templates and Complete gives you real-time power for social, sports and presentations.

TV studios are moving away from SDI infrastructure to save costs and increase flexibility. Each Switchblade system can encode and decode NDI.

Switchblade systems are compatible with a wide range of control surfaces, including Skaarhoj, MIDI and USB Keyboard devices.

Most production systems are limited in terms of the number of inputs, video players, graphics channels, and storage. Switchblade systems are flexible to meet those needs.

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